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Obedience Training

Do you dismiss training because you think it’s an unnecessary burden on you time, or it may cost too much ...
Try answering the following set of questions:

  • How much did it cost you to acquire your puppy?
    How much did you spend on things fancy as well as necessary, items like a leash and collar, a bed, toys, chew bones etc?
  • How much do you spend on special foods, veterinary care?

To put things in perspective, ask yourself another set of questions

  • How much do you spend on your new pair of shoes (to replace the chewed up ones), bed covers, clothes for each family member, after getting your puppy home?
  • What did your repairing work on chewed up furniture, sofa covers, scratched doors cost you?

Compare answers to the two sets of questions ........ Surprised ???
Rules are important for everyone and then they should be important for your pet too, who is a part of our family. Just as we pamper our pets with fancy items, do we forget the basic essential need for them to become a socially acceptable part of our lives, namely, their education.
A pup moves away from his family at a very early age, to a new place, new people, NEW RULES set by HUMANS. Just as we wouldn’t expect mature behaviour from a five year old child, the same reasoning applies to puppies as well.
Being a pet parent makes you responsible for teaching your puppy some basic responses like sit, stay, come etc. You are also responsible for teaching him social manners, like how to interact with people, young children, other animals.
The problem is, being animal, puppies have a mind of their own, sometimes they find other things more fascinating than you, and sometimes they just don’t want to listen. With proper and professional guidance you can save your puppy from being a problem dog redirecting and channelising his energies and emotions to becoming a socially well adjusted pet and member of the family.
When do we step in?
Adult dog or a young puppy, Happytails is here help you train your pet.
Basic Obedience covers basic commands. The expected time period is 5 to 10 sessions. We only undertake training at your residence. Also, we use ONLY positive training methods which are completely reward based.
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